TreeHuggers Save the Drums at Glendinning Rock Garden

In the recent month our weekly Philly drum circle has been displaced to a temporary site, due to storm damage.  Being in this more open temp site has made us more visible to the general public.  This as brought quite a few beautiful new people to our little family get-together. However, some new visitors to the circle don’t necessarily understand or respect what we’re all about. This can lead to messy after-site (beer cans and other trash) with only a few devotees staying behind or return the clean up.

This passed Tuesday, we noticed how bad it was getting when we decided to move into the 27th hole of the Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course and bad behavior followed. Large coolers were dragged back through the woods. And the site ended up being pretty trashed. So, Wednesday morning I set out for Hole 27 for a quick cleanup of the site.

Once that was taken care of, I headed over to Glendinning Rock Garden and met up with a TreeHuggin’ buddy of mine (Doug) and his friend.  We grabbed chainsaws and other implements of destruction and cleared away the fallen trees that had been blocking us from our usual drumming spot. In under an hour we had our path back and picked up most of the trash that was laying around the site.

Although it doesn’t solve our other problem of the bad behavior at the circle, at least now we can deal with where we’re most at home and comfortable.


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